Apr 23, 2021 · Have had brake and abs warning lights. 2010 hino 300 816. Have had brake and abs warning lights come on intermittently since july 2021. Hino dealer looked at it and replaced switch at read more.. "/>
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Hello, I am dealing with a problem with regeneration in this truck.. Soot levels shows that needs static regeneration.. No any fault. Changed the 7th injector (was full of carbon) but still temperatures on the DPF cant be reached.
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DAF’s policy was to always put efficiency on the first place and the LF moves this heritage further being among the most efficient trucks in.

DAF XF95 | EBS braking fault The customer complained of an EBS braking fault which occurred intermittently. When the fault occurred then the EBS light would illuminate on the display and the EBS function would revert to conventional braking. This fault had been a problem for some time.
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  • Because “Jake break” is a nickname for the compression release engine brake, and since that is a long name, the wording on the signs varies quite a lot. Here are some examples: No Jake Brakes. Compression Braking Prohibited. No Engine Breaks. Brake Retarders Restricted. Unmuffled Compression Brakes Prohibited.
  • Exhaust brake (V192) on the withdrawal of the electronic control unit B9 - Do not activate exhaust brake. 73-2. Short circuit to earth solenoid valve exhaust brake (V192) on the withdrawal of the electronic control unit B9 - Exhaust brake constantly activated. 73-2. No voltage is applied to the relay preheating, exhaust. brake and DEB due fuse
  • 1600 060 002 Twin Cylinder, 1600 060 004 Twin Cylinder OEM: 1604420, 1604420A, 1604420R, 1628444, 1628444A, 1628444R, 9115045040, 9115045050
  • home daf exhaust brake valve 1761990 new daf exhaust brake valve 1761990 new
  • Cruise control and speed control on a DAF truck - Exhaust brake & more...Hi, I'm Pete...I'm a self-employed courier driver & truck driver. I have cut my teet...